Show top 3 poster in SharePoint 2010 (Walkthrough)

Show top 3 poster in SharePoint 2010 describes, how you can find out the top posters and show them through javascript within sharepoint.

Show top 3 poster in SharePoint 2010 (Walkthrough)

Update 2019: Well, this is one of my rare articles written in another language then german. In this post i tried to help someone from the community to achieve his goals in SharePoint.

The reason why i am writing this  post is Marcus Riddick´s question on G+ (SharePoint community). I want to keep my answer really short because as mentioned i don´t have the time for long explanations.

1. Create a Blog Site based on the Blog site template

2. add a document library (you can name it as you like)

3. open your blog in SharePoint Designer and add a Content Editor WebPart to the default.aspx.

4. change the title of the cewp as desired.

5. Step back on the start page of your blog you should see your cewp.

6. it´s time to code :) ... Create a new htm file (you can do this with notepad++ on your local computer or by right clicking the SharePoint Library (in my case it´s the AKFiles library) and paste the content below in to it.

7. edit the cewp and enter the url to the created/uploaded file.

8. Only the marked posters should appear within the cewp...

You can filter the posts by clicking on one of the posters and you can clear the filter by clicking on clear filter. That´s it, i hope i could help :)